Dont...Gods choices are easy

God helps me with my choices. He doesnt leave me to my inadequacies. He keeps bringing me to Himself. These are special moments for a gal with her daddy. His love for me echoes and reaches me in my most unloveable moments(at least thats what I think). His pursuit for me keeps blowing my mind. He lets me watch as  He prepares a table for me...I soak in His presence as he annoint my cup view of His mercy...I  offer myself, all of me. I know my humanness doesnt intimidate  Him not like how situations intimidate my humaness. Hence I boldly come and let Him be with me in all of my life's moments. In this moment of my life,I am ruined with love,His love. Just like Jacob, my limp is obvious but what is more obvious is that I prevailed and will always be victorious. I will hold on for dear life not just for His blessings. Just like Moses I wont go anywhere without Him....
All of life will be no life without him. In this moment, He is my king yet my friend and my father...words fail me to explain all of this. All I know is that I want this moment to be a lifetime for me...I want this view of life from this place to be my forever view of life in this land of the living. His view of life is life for me in this moment and I pray oh God,it wont end in this moment.
First written 21/10/2014