My journey with grief

Today I laugh...many times this year, lot of tears were shed from this face. I have had  emotional experiences I never imagined possible,not fully over but laughter in between those moments is growing. I believe in time I will heal and would remember only with smiles but for now I take the rollercoaster as it comes. At times the pain of grief catches me offguard, how I wish Im always in I could stop it and cry in the privacy of my own space but I have embraced it as part of life, as part of the process of healing.  As God continue to minister to my heart, life become bearable, the comfort truly comforts and I know for sure in time I will heal. I will speak only of memories, 2015 the year I lost SesMahlodi and Sophia 2 months apart and I prevailed,with the year almost over, I have prevailed, God has brought me through victoriously indeed.


  1. That's a nice piece. May God continue to strengthen you as you walk the journey of healing


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