Encouragement for this day

When I first heard that song from Joyous Celebration 20, "Modimo wa re sheba, Modimo wa re bona",  God sees us.
For some reason such a message went deep in my heart and stayed.
I grew up in a family that pray and go to church every week. If you dare eat without praying for your food, my aunt would scold...dijo tše di tla fofa..the food would fly.
Growing up,when there was a function on Saturday in the village, attendance at church on the following Sunday was so poor. However I remember being counted among the few that went. It was almost as if there was an unwritten rule that said  thou shall not miss church.
I laughed at a girl on "Date my family" that asked a guy what he does on Sunday because he does not go to church.
She was certainly puzzled of such a life,honestly I grew up like that girl not understanding why people wont go to church on Sunday.
Although this was the case,  I often  felt God being far in the heavens and unrelatable. There was a persitent question in my heart on whether I can trust him, on whether I can ask of him anything.
Thank God,  this changed in my twenties as my relationship with God grew deeper.
I still remember a prophetic word I received in 1999 that God would reveal himself and will prove to me his faithfulness.
Since then every so often God reminds me of who he is  and that what I say matters.
I think at most times the challenges of my life always aim to make me doubt who God is to me and if I matter to me.
Over and over He reminds me of the truth.
Among the truth that I keep being reminded of is Revelation 5:8 and Psalm 56:8.
Both these verses speak the following to me:
1. I am important to God and that He never forget every prayer I have said.
2. God is such a good record keeper. Imagine, I forget my own prayers at times. Going through my old journals has proved this to be right.
3. It says to me about how he cares of what I would ask of him. For what reason would he keep every record of what I say to him? In bottles, golden bowls....just think about that for a second.

What I like about God is that he knows me so well that he does not send me to my own destruction as I request at times. Since He is good, my prayers are always answered to my own good.
His answering of my prayers is not just a YES or No. I have received corrections from him of the kind of prayers I need to be praying instead.
Thats all I wanted to say,
He is El Roi...the God who sees me. Genesis 16:13 but also he is the God who hears and answers our prayers.