Tuesday, 5 November 2013


This morning I read a poem that reminded me of you. So please continue to fight, continue to pursue, continue to dream, continue to work at it, continue to seek after all God's purposes for your life. Continue to never giving up. Because just in your passion I am challenged to be me , to be all that God want me to be. Just in your story I too can now be passionate about what God has called me to be and do. In your smile, I fee the fear that comes with the dreams in my heart and that reminds me ; the dreams are bigger than me. I am reminded that the vision is of an appointed time and it won't tarry. In your words, I have come to believe that I too can accomplish it all. In you, I have understood that it can get tough but the tough have to get going. In your challenges I have seen the hand of God at work, I have seen Him come through for you and that makes me believe that He will come for me too. With your hug, I know that I am not walking this life alone and that you will hold my hand when my knees become weak. In our conversations I am encouraged that His grace is empowering, that I need to worry not whether I have what it takes. In your prayers I know God has and will make it possible, that He will bring to completion all the work he has begun in our lives. I was reminded to pursue, to reignite all the dreams God has placed in my heart. I am reminded to reach for all that I know I can. I am encouraged to be me, and I am encouraged to smile, to pray to love and share my life just like you.