Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Get thee behind me!

Woken up by pain in my nose, there I lay in my bed.
I checked the time and it was 3 AM and I remembered the verse that
God grants sleep to those He loved.
Knowing that God loved me for me, I knew it was not Him that kept me awake.

I had flu before but this it can't be and it was not, just an ache deep in my nose, my nose was blocked. Being a pharmacist, the first thing I reached out to was a nasal spray.
Even that did not bring comfort, the pain wouldn't leave me. The pain would not let me rest. The pain would not grant me my peaceful sleep; I need to be awake in the next 2 hours

I knew this was it, it was that moment.
Very still in the early hours, everybody asleep and not even a noise, except for occasional coughs I heard from my daughter's room.
I decided to pray, I decided to spend that moment of discomfort in His embrace. Spending time with my father always bring such fulfilment.

I refused to be deterred by this pain, even though it did not go away.
The more I rebuked it, it kept telling my mind, and it has not gone away. Boy, it was sore.
I even had occasional out loud "Ouch" moments

 I said to the pain, don’t even think about, tomorrow I am going to work and I’ll be just fine. Instantly this verse came to mind; Matthew 4:10-11 Get thee behind me, Satan. It is written; Worship the Lord your God and serve him only. Matthew 4:10-11

I decided to worship immediately; my heart sang “there is power in the name of Jesus, to break every chain”. Sadly I couldn’t find the song in my phone. Then I played "Be lifted high" on repeat until I fell asleep.

And I woke up this morning 05h30 and the pain was gone. My nose was still blocked though, and I felt fresh. It did not feel like my sleep was disturbed.

My heart continues to sing praise to Him because He is worthy to be praised.

Thank you, Lord for the healing.

Get thee behind me – Matthew 4:10-11
Ntlogele Sathane gobane go ngwadilwe gothwe, O khunamele Morena Modimo wa gago o direle yena a nnoshi. Ya ba gona diabolo a mo tlogelago, gwa napa gwa batamela barongwa ba mo direla.
Translated to: Away from Satan! For it is written: “Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.” Then the devil left him and angels came and attended him.

Memories live on!

Missing Rakgadi Mma-Emma on her birthday
Today I am all smiles, it’s a cold Monday morning, the coldness that caught most of us Gautengers off guard, and I was just starting to enjoy the warmer days of June. Today would have been my Aunt's birthday, she would have been 82, she turned 80 the year of her passing and she kept saying turning 80 is not child's play; it is bonus years, how grateful she was.
 I probably would have phoned her first thing when I got to work but this is the second year since her passing and it still feels like yesterday. How time flies. I am glad I am all smiles, last year this time my heart was still heavy and burdened, the pain of her loss was still too deep and the ache in my heart was still painful. It hurt thinking of her but not today, today I think of all the great things she said to me. I just looked at one photo of her probably 5 years before her passing. There was an unobvious smile on her face, or maybe the wrinkles make it look not obvious. But there is a certain peace on her face, a peace that know that God is in control, that God loved her, he had been her provider, A lady that her husband left her to care for a 3 year old son and about 6yr old daughter but she didn’t complain about it, took it upon her shoulders, she took care of the children. Even in their adult life she still looked after them, as if she could not believe they had grown up so fast. I remember when her daughter passed away she stood and believed God knew why and she had not to worry, when doubtful minds tried to instil in her that maybe she was killed , maybe it was not an accident. She didn’t entertain them because it would not bring her daughter back but she could look up to God who would provide her the comfort she needed. She so gracefully called me Maina, and it was special. Sometimes I just long to hear her voice, sometimes I understand we don’t live forever and mostly I am grateful to have been impacted by such a calibre of a woman. I have learned a lot from her and I miss her dearly. Rakgadi Maina (Namesakes) Mma-Emma (as she was affectionately called by the Zone 9 Meadowlands neighbourhood) Maletsepe Magdeline Ramohlale. She lived and she made a mark in this life especially in mine. I would always treasure the memories in my heart.